Helping Disciples Become Disciplers

Learn & Grow

Engaging Jehovah’s Witnesses

Our Cultural Moment Pt 1

How Is Your Hearing?

Luke 8:1-21

Is the Holy Spirit just a force?

Nothing But Christ: The Core of Discipleship and Evangelism

Theological Triage

Discipling as Women: Our Modern Context

Part 3

Growing in Wisdom

Justification, Sanctification, and Glorification

Advent: Love

The Rule of Faith

Five Sources for You

How Do I Find Sources?

A Guide for Cultural Engagement: A Letter from the Early Church

What Should We Know

Disciple of Sources

How We Worship

Engaging Culture with Max Jeganathan

The Story of Hope with Sara Stevenson

The Goals of Emet Ministries: Practical Disciple Making

Catching a Passion for Prayer

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