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Discipleship in the Church

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Is discipleship for everyone?

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The Four-Fold Disciple Podcast

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Bridging the Gap Between the Church and the Bible

We bridge the gap between theology, apologetics, and church leadership through intergenerational relationships in discipleship. Not everyone needs to be a seminary student, but everyone should be a student of Scripture.

Have You Ever Been Lost?

The gospel of Jesus is that one day the broken will be healed, the prisoner will be set free, and the lost will be found. All the sad things will come untrue.

Go deeper with the Veritas Institute

A two-year program that provides sound theological education, philosophical reasoning, and apologetic training, all anchored through Scripture and relationships. Upon completion, you will be well-versed in church, culture, and discipling others into a closer relationship with God.

"Discipleship is not just a matter of bending your will to Jesus’ will; it’s melting your heart into a whole new shape. A disciple is not someone who simply sets a new priority; a disciple finds a new identity."

Tim Keller
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Learn more about the Veritas Institute, Discipleship, and the Culture on 8/7/24 at 6:30pm.

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